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Offering Archaeological assistance - Lost items recovered -  land surveys - Metal detector training - Forensic searches -  Organised charity events -  Raising money to help others.

Thanks for visiting my metal detecting web site - I offer a friendly professional discreet metal detecting recovery service in and around Hampshire, you may have a lost gold ring or simply curious as to what is buried on your property. I you are interested in local history but do not want to entertain large metal detecting clubs on your land, I am the person to call, you are free to join me in the field I will be more than happy to supply a metal detector for you or your family to use.
I am located near to Four Marks, Hampshire and cover the surrounding area's.

I can also hire metal detectors for film and television work on a daily or weekly basis.

Dtekk metal detecting lost and found servives


Recovering lost items such as rings and jewellery with a metal detector :

found a lost gold ring with a metal detector

Providing you have a good idea where the item was lost I can normally locate it.

Land surveys using a metal detector :

old map hidden treasure

Without knowing you may be living or working on an ancient settlement or even possibly a pot of gold !
Without the aid of a metal detector and skilled operator you may never know.
Perhaps ancient maps have strange field names which have interested you for years, drop me a line to discuss any questions you may have.

Metal detector training :
metal detecting man picture

I offer 1 to 1 or group metal detector training sessions on a professional friendly basis at a location of your choice.


Metal detector assistance on archaeological digs :

ancient site

I use a vast range of professional metal detectors to suit different environments including pulse induction machines, under water metal detectors and hoard hunters. Over the years I have worked with several media companies including channel 4's Time Team and the recent TV show "The Detectorists" .

 Our main goal is raising money for good causes and helping within the local community.

Working alongside land owners and organising charity raising projects

If you own some land and looking to raise money for a good cause,  please drop me a line.
 We can organise non profit metal detecting meetings, we limit our events to 15 people. All of our club members are genuine hard working professionals and have all been close friends for many years.
More information :
 Interesting finds are always shown to the land owner.
 All money raised will be paid directly to the land owner on the day or directly to the nominated charity followed with a framed letter of thanks and relevant documentation.

Removing nails and metallic contamination from horse training arena's :

find lost horse shoe nails

Horse trainers are more than aware the damage small nails can cause to horses, I can offer a professional service to remove even the smallest nail fragments.

Forensic searches using a metal detector :

d tekk metal detecting services

I can help with forensic searches in woodland or grass areas using specific metal detectors to find weapons or items of evidence.

Just curious !

ancient fields

You may own some land and would like to know if there is any historic significance attached to it, or records  may show a significant find was made in the past, it's always worth another look !

I can guarantee all information is strictly confidential between the land owner and myself, written contracts are available, you are welcome to accompany me during any search.

Charity news
 So far we have raised over 3800 for Macmillan. and 3800 for Help for Heroes.

Contact the Gary metal detector man:
In the first instance I would prefer an e mail to :